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Classical Elegance is continuously striving to provide an exceedingly wonderful experience for every individual. We are very proud of the personalized experience and relationship that we develop for each of our clients.                                       Below is a listing of recent testimonials from our clients. We hope that this, along with other information located on this website, will help to enable you to make a confident and assured decision when choosing Classical Elegance for your special event.
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Our group was most impressed with the beautiful sound of your music. We hope we can use you at some of our other company functions. Thank you so much for coming, you truly made our event special. B. Shipe, Airston Group

One of the best things is your website. This is how I found out about your services. The most helpful item was the demo cd. It provided not only the chance to hear the wonderful talent within your group but it was very helpful in determining the potential pieces to use. Your advice on selections was very helpful. Everyone at the wedding enjoyed the music. My only regret is the fact that you had had a prior engagement and we could only enjoy your lovely music for 1 hour!!! I'm very grateful for the time I did have!! A. Malinowski

I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I was with your performance! It was an amazing day and your music blended well with the tone of the ceremony. After the events of 9/11/01 I wanted my guests to be lifted in spirit and your music added to the celebration. Numerous people asked about your group and I gave glowing references. Thanks again for your help and outstanding professionalism. A.Stavely

Thanks so much for the wonderful ceremony music. It was everything we could have hoped for and then some. Your talent helped us to make this event perfect (except, of course, for the weather). We only wish we could have been sitting with our guests to hear more of the beautiful music. Thank you again for your time and warm wishes. A. Pinkham

I have received many compliments about the music at the wedding. You did a wonderful job and you were so very helpful as I planned the wedding and made my music selections. I already recommended you to a friend. Thank you.  D.Theriot

Classical Elegance was wonderful! You were extremely helpful in planning the balance of music for my interfaith wedding ceremony. I appreciated your experienced guidance as well as how you made certain I made the final decision for my selections. On the day of the wedding, Classical Elegance did a fantastic job at executing everything we had planned. The music was delightful and added that extra special touch to a wonderful celebration. Thank you!!! D. Putterman

Because we live in San Francisco and our wedding was in Maryland, we decided
to let each of our vendors use their experience and judgment, instead of
having us making all the decisions for them. We are proud to say that
Classical Elegance worked perfectly with this situation. They collected all
the information they needed well before the wedding, and on the day of the
ceremony, they were completely prepared and everything went smoothly.
We had the trio play for the ceremony (prelude, seating, processional,
postlude), and then had them move inside for some dinner music. This worked
out better than expected, as the music was loud enough to be heard by
everyone in the restaurant, yet still an appropriate volume to have a
conversation. We were seated right next to the group during dinner (less
than 5 feet) and they were not intrusive, but as we were visiting other
tables, we could still hear everything clearly.
I couldn't give this group a higher rating - I was completely satisfied with
their service, both before and during the wedding. They were easy to work
with and the quality and professionalism of the performance were
exceptional.  J. Bernstein

Thanks so much for making my wedding day a special one. The music was fantastic! (luckily we have video tape). 
L. Glad

Thank you so much for all of the pre-wedding help with music and general questions of format. You were so easy to work with and so friendly, I knew the music would be wonderful-and it was! My mother, the musician of the family, was so pleased. She said you sounded fabulous. I just wish that we were around more during the cocktail hour to hear more of it! Thank you again for a wonderful performance. 
L. Saler

Classical Elegance added the extra touch we needed on our special day!! They really made our wedding a very memorable and classic event that will endure a lifetime. Thanks you very much and I would be more than glad to recommend your services
T. Curtis

Thank you so much for the beautiful music at the wedding and reception. I'd hoped to walk over to greet/meet you at the reception and it seemed like people kept coming up to me and talking and I could never get over that way and then all of the sudden you were gone! I heard many remarks about how great the music was. The wedding had many twists and turns from the usual.....it would take me quite a while to tell you how many things went different than the plan. Fortunately, your part was exactly as planned/hoped so I am thankful for that. Very pleased! Thanks again   
C. Strong

We were so delighted by the wonderful music that you performed. Thank you for saving my indecisiveness by choosing a selection for the unity candle 5 minutes before the ceremony started, it was a beautiful choice. I'm glad I left it up to you, at that point I could not think straight. One of my relatives is a music teacher and she went on about the elegant performance and how she knew immediately that you all were true professional/career musicians.(She said that she talked to you for quite awhile afterwards) Thanks again for providing such beautiful music,    D. Alexander

I do not even know how to begin to express my complete gratitude. You all made my job so much easier. I was so nervous with planning this reception for my company, since, as I know I mentioned more than once, it was my first event. You all made me look great! Everyone went on and on about how the music was so elegant and beautiful. Classical Elegance made quite an impression and I will definitely be calling upon you for future events. We made a great team and I really enjoyed working with you! See you at next years reception,       L. Leazer

We were so thrilled with our entire experience with Classical Elegance. From your very thorough website, to your prompt replies to email and phone messages, from your willingness to work with us on our musical selections and special requests, to the excellent quality of your performance at our wedding. Your trio truly surpassed all of our expectations and made our wedding day even more perfect than we had imagined. We highly recommend your very talented and professional trio. Thank you and take care.     K. and J. Caputo

We want to thank you so much for all that you did for us for our wedding. You were so helpful and personable-you took a lot of stress off of us both, as we were continually assured by our dealings with you that not only are you a professional, but that you truly love what you do.
You and your colleagues did a wonderful job at the wedding. Many people commented on how lovely the music was..We would be glad to recommend Classical Elegance to anyone we know.
At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I have to say that even though I'd listened to the pieces we chose..hearing you and the others play the pieces even more beautifully than I'd imagined made the moment absolutely perfect. All our best,      
J. and B. Morris

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