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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the woodwind trio?
The trio consists of a flute, a clarinet, and a bassoon, which are all classified as woodwind instruments. These are the instruments that comprise the woodwind section of a symphony orchestra (with the exception of the oboe). As in the orchestra, these instruments are combined because of their ability to sound and blend so beautifully together. Our Demo

 What is your professional experience?
We have been educated/trained in the finest music conservatories and music schools and performing is our full-time career. We have been performing for weddings and other special events since 1995. As well as performing in the trio we perform with premier military bands and symphonies such as:

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore, MD
The National Symphony Orchestra, Washington, DC
The St. Louis Symphony, St. Louis, MO
Annapolis Symphony Orchestra, Annapolis, MD
Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, Baltimore, MD
Concert Artists of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
National Orchestral Institute
National Repertory Orchestra
U.S. Air Force Band, Washington, DC
U.S. Navy Band, Washington, DC
U.S. Navy Atlantic Fleet Band, Virginia

What type of music do you perform and where do you perform?
Classical Elegance performs many styles of music with an emphasis on classical music. Other styles include popular, ragtime, traditional, waltzes, and much more.  We perform at many private functions including: weddings and receptions, corporate parties, private dinners, and holiday celebrations.

Do you have a demo cd, price list, and biographies?
Yes, we have a demo cd which can be downloaded/streamed from this web site or sent directly to you by mail. We also have our rates as well as our biographies available on this site.
Do you have a repertoire list and do you take special requests?
Yes, we have a repertoire list on line. If your desired selection is not on our list, Classical Elegance will consider a special request. Several weeks notification is needed and in some cases an additional fee is required in order for a special request to be musically arranged for the woodwind trio.                                                                                                                

Do I need to meet with the trio?
No, a face-to-face meeting is not usually necessary to discuss the logistics of the wedding music. Relax, your wedding day music will be spectacular with our guidance and years of experience.We will provide unlimited guidance and advice as well as provide you with several forms that will assist in the wedding music decision process.
Do you perform outdoors?
Yes, we perform most of the summer weddings outdoors, however there are several weather related guidelines. Due to the wood of the instruments (and this pertains to any instrument composed of wood: ie.violin, cello, harp) we must perform in the shade and must be protected from rain/mist. Most facilities have tents, canopies, trees, or an alternative indoor location. In our many years of performing we have never encountered any "mother nature" issue that could not be resolved, so do not worry.

 How long will the group perform and will there be any breaks?
Classical Elegance will perform for the specified time stated by your chosen rate package. Breaks, for events other than the wedding ceremony, will be determined when the actual event and times are provided in the contract. 

Do you perform for wedding receptions also?
Yes, we can perform for the entire reception or just a portion such as the cocktail hour. Many brides and grooms choose a popular package of wedding ceremony music along with cocktail hour music. Our music provides an elegant compliment during the cocktail hour as well as the entire reception. We have an extensive repertoire from classical to popular selections which offers hours of enjoyment for the entire reception. However, if you desire danceable/popular music for the main portion of your reception, we highly recommend a DJ or Band.

How do I reserve my date with Classical Elegance?
First, contact us and we will consult with you about your special event and will forward you a contract. As soon as we receive your 50% non-refundable deposit along with a signed copy of the contract, the date becomes yours. Remember to reserve early for the busy summer wedding months as well as for the December holiday parties.Classical Elegance hopes that the above information is helpful in answering some of your questions. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

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